5 Minute Baby Portrait Session - In home

Babies don't last long in front of the camera, but I've learned to go with the flow and the best images are them being themselves.  I'm always practicing and trying new tricks.  The best trick I've found so far is the clear all the stuff from a wall close to a window, open the blinds and let the baby wander and look outside.  The clean wall gives that minimalist look and focuses the photo on the baby.  Here is a quick 5 minute session with my nephew Connor!  

Kid free Weekend Trip - Mendocino

Baby free weekend before baby #2 arrives in the trees and fog of Mendocino.  Just love it there.  Alex and I hiked, slept, ate, relaxed and tried to resolve the great baby name debate.   

Mendocino Camping Trip

I look forward to our annual trip to Mendocino almost all year round.  It's such a magical place that is full of beauty, adventure and wonder.  See for yourself below! 

Capturing Milestones

My baby turned 1!  It's been an exciting year and loved every moment of watching this little girl grow from teeny baby to a soon to be toddler or maybe she's already a toddler? (I can't keep the terms straight!)  My camera has been by my side most times to document these milestones.  Photo sessions for milestones rather than a specific age capture the exciting time in the babies life and turn out to be pretty exciting photos!  Here my baby is slightly older than 12 months but wanted to capture her walking and exploring around:)

Family Adventure Photography

We spent a few days high in the Sierra Mountains enjoying family time.  The most precious moment of the trip was watching Alex and Paige 'swim' together in the lake for the first time.  I love photographing families in action and it's a real treat to photograph my own!