Alexander George Schiefer was born in San Francisco on March 24, 1985.  He grew up in San Bruno and moved back to San Francisco when Lauren came into the picture.  Alex is super focused and has been that way since he was a young boy.  His proudest moments are that his current golf handicap is 9.9 and his knife skills are that of a professional chef. 

Anyone who knows Alex knows he loves his family and friends and would do anything to help them.  






Lauren Elizabeth Zickfeld was born in Los Angeles on November 23, 1984.  She grew up in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco after college. Lauren loves everything creative and sports.  Her proudest moments are winning the art award in high school and her golf handicap is 30 (scratch that, 24), and is going down with Alex's help…

In her spare time, she's working hard at several art and photography projects.





They met at a neighborhood bar in 2009, soon after they began dating and quickly fell for each other. They were both 24 and have been inseparable ever since.

Four and half years later Alex proposed to Lauren on March 29th, 2014 - also his birthday party - in their living room floor, because it was raining outside.  They got to spend the day wine tasting with family and friends.

We hope that you can spend this huge day with Lauren and Alex.  Their goal is for the day to be fun and happy for everyone there.

Our life together