Tips for taking great family photos


1. Choose a familiar location

If possible choose a location that means something to your family. If your home gets sufficient light, an in home session is great option with taking the kids outside for a walk around the neighborhood. Or do your kids have a favorite park or open space they love to run around? The more familiar he backdrop the more at ease your little ones will be!

2. comfort is key

When deciding what to wear choose something that reflects you and your style. If you choose to purchase new outfits, make sure everyone has tried on the new outfits and is happy and comfortable. Life style/natural family photos require lots of movement and play, so it’s most important that everyone is comfortable.

3. Let there be light

Light is the most important thing for great photo. For in home sessions we will turn off all artificial lights and shoot near windows and doors. If we plan to do an outdoor session the best light is within a few hours of sunrise and sunset, so let’s plan our session around those times.

4. Go with the flow

I know the anxiety feeling leading up to being photographed! Even though I take photographs, I myself don’t always enjoy being on the other side of the lens. But this should be fun - so think of it as family time to spend together and enjoy each others’ company. Don’t worry about having to smile the entire session, usually my favorite images are the sweet gestures from kid to mom, family interactions and those sometimes unpredictable emotions.

5. Rest up!

Make sure you and your family are well rested, and well fed before the session. Also bring plenty of snacks and drinks to refuel during the session. Be sure to talk with your kids about the session a few days in advance. Tell them a special friend or a famous person is coming to take their photo, anything to get them excited and psyched up! I am mindful of the meltdowns, usually time and staying calm gets everyone back on track.

Baby Wyatt 2018 24.jpg